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How Bail Bonds and Public Safety Correlate

Jurisdictions across the country rely on money and bail bonds are a clear example of this system. If we look at the statistics related to crimes in past few years and the psychological behavior of the elite class of the country, we can easily come to the conclusion that bail bonds have played a role in crowding up the jails.

The poor suffer from imprisonment even when they have not committed a crime because they cannot afford the expenses of bail bonds. Whereas rich, even after committing a crime stay free until the court grants them with punishment. Such rules create an imbalance, initiate racism, and class difference in the society.

On the other hand, sometimes a criminal is sent back to his/her home which encourages them towards severe crimes as they know they can afford bail bonds. In domestic violence cases, mostly males are financially strong so they easily avail the bail bond facility whereas housewives and financially weak females suffer badly.

This discrimination shatters the faith and attitude of a financially weaker opponent and people start believing that justice is for rich people only. Once a human start believing that system works for wealth their urge to earn money and power is increased or they just start compromising with the unjust system. In both cases, we are not giving a good lesson to coming generation and existing society.

In many cases, criminal or the financially strong party, harass the poor opponent by stating that they can get a bail bond and set free. Such issues are more common in cases related to junior staff in the working environment and servant class working at homes. The poor have to fulfill unjust demands of the rich because they know that in case of any complaint against them, they cannot bear the expenses of bail. The situation gets worse when the complaint by rich is actually an allegation or a fake case.

Another issue is that all good and bad means are tried by the bail bond advisors to get a bail for their client. The bail bond advisors charge a huge amount of money which is again not affordable for many California citizens. Legal advisors teach their clients to manipulate the case so that they can get easy bail.

Justice Policy Institute (JPI) presented a report in which they stated the reality of bail bond agents and their way of working. Now the bail bonds have become a commercial industry working to benefit their clients only and not to support the law enforcement system.

A system is just only if it allows rich and poor both to stand in the same line when they have or have not committed a crime. Bails on the bases of money and economic status are disturbing the structure of law enforcement authorities. Improvement in the system is required to allow all economic classes of the society to have fair means of justice in criminal and allegation cases.

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