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About us

At Call4Bail Bail Bonds, we understand that sometimes good people get into difficult situations, and getting out is not always easy. That is why we are here to serve your bail bonds needs, 24-7-365. Our bail bond agents are backed with years of experience in the industry they know how to get the job done fast – and get it done right.

We also understand the tremendous stress and uncertainty you face when trying to arrange bail for a friend or loved one. We take the time to personally explain your options and guide you through the entire bail process. We believe it is vital to understand how bail works and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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Orange County Bail

  • 970 W. 17th St Unit E Santa Ana, CA 92706
  • 1-714-852-2152
  • Open 24 hours

Los Angeles Bail Bonds

  • 970 W. 17th St Unit E Santa Ana, CA 92706
  • 1-888-822-4524
  • Open 24 hours

Office 3

  • 970 W. 17th St Unit E Santa Ana, CA 92706
  • 1-888-622-4524
  • Open 24 hours

The Bail Bond Process

When arrested, a defendant has quite a few options for release until the end of his or her case. Bail acts as an insurance policy for the state that guarantees the defendant will appear to face charges in court. I does not matter which jail Orange County Jail or Los Angeles Jail the goal of release on bail is not to relieve the defendant of obligations except for appearing, but it is the withholding of control over the defendant to the end that justice might be administered. During and throughout the process of the case, the defendant would be able to perform normal daily activities, such as attend work or school, without worry as long as the defendant makes their timely court appearances and avoids legal problems.

The standard cost – or premium – for a California bail bond is 10% of the bail amount. Some cases may even qualify for an 8% premium. We will gladly work with you to offer comfortable payment plans with no collateral and, sometimes, even 0% to 5% down payment, when qualified. Please note that if charges are not filed, the person is falsely accused, or the case is dismissed, the premium cannot be refunded. The only time premium is reimbursed is if the bail bonds agency is unable to get the inmate out of custody.

The most important thing to remember about posting bail for a friend or loved one is that they have the benefit of living a normal life while attending court dates, instead of being locked up unnecessarily until the case concludes – a process that may take several weeks, even months.

Call us at 1-888-622-4524 and we will gladly continue guiding you through the bail bonds process.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

We are on call 24 Hours our corporate office is located in Santa Ana California near the Orange County Jail and open to the public 24/7 to help with all your bail bonds needs at anytime, anywhere. We go to you or come to our offices an agent is always ready to assist you. Our offices and agents provide service fast and professional.

We provide service in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles, and we'll gladly meet you at home, work or jail always discrete and professional Call4Bail Bail Bonds is always there for you.

For Orange County Bail Bonds, Los Angeles and San Diego Call4Bail Bail Bonds

Call us at 1-888-622-4524 and we can begin helping you now.

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At Call4Bail we realize that sometimes even good people make mistakes. That is why our associates are standing-by, ready to answer any questions and provide reliable, confidential bail bond referral services.