4%* Down Payment is Available

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4%* Down Payment is Available Orange County Bail Bonds offers a 4% Down payment for most of our clients who qualify. Here at Call4Bail Bail Bonds we understand the situation you and you love ones are going through and we understand that this situation was definitely unexpected. That is why we try to make this option available for those who need it.

4% Down* Bail Bonds. EZ payments with no interest! An 8% Rate is also available for those who meet any of these qualifications: Call4Bail Bail Bonds has an 8% rate filed with the California Department of Insurance for Defendants who have retained private defense counsel, Defendants and/or Indemnitors who are actively enrolled in a labor union, Defendants and/or Indemnitors who are or were members of the Military and their immediate families and now can offer the new AARP discount to members. In order to qualify for the 8% rate, proper evidence must first be received by Call4Bail Bail Bonds. If any of these conditions apply to you call Call4Bail Bail Bonds Toll Free at 888-622-4524

By choosing Call4Bail Bail Bonds, you've taken the first and most important step to quickly reuniting you with your friend or family member who has been arrested. We are open, 24 hours a day, to address any concerns by phone, email or fax. Call4Bail Bail Bonds is based in Orange County, California. We provide bail bonds services in all of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties.

Call4Bail Bail Bonds in Orange County Offers: -4% down (on approval of credit). -Non-interest financing on the remaining balance. -We do not always require collateral. -20% off the full premium discount for those who qualify. Call4Bail Bail Bonds offers free warrant checks in the Orange County. Any Court Warrant any County and City Fullerton Court Warrants, Huntington Beach Warrants, Newport Beach Warrants and all Southern California --No Problem!

Call4Bail Bail Bonds 1-714-852-2152 or 1-888-622-4524