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Posting Bail In Los Angeles County can be stressful and confusing.

At Call4Bail Bail Bonds we understand that family and friends are going through a difficult time. We have Bail Bonds Assistance in Los Angeles area. We would like to make it as easy as possible and reunite you with your love ones as soon as possible.

Call4Bail Bail Bonds agencies and agents are conveniently located in Los Angeles County and are close to the Men's Central Jail, Twin Towers, Century Regional Detention Facility, Mira Loma Detention Center, Pitchess Detention Center Jails services/custody.html Our agencies and agents are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Bailing someone out of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department or Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles usually takes four to six hours after the bail bond is posted. Sometimes, upon the jail's discretion it can take a little longer for the release of an inmate. City jails like 77 Division, Parker Center and Pacific Division of Los Angeles usually take around 30 minutes to an hour to release inmates.

Call4Bail Bail Bonds and Partners hold a pledge to process your bond as smooth and as fast as possible. As a local Los Angeles County Bail Bonds agency we will take care of your bail bonds needs and will walk you through the process with respect and professionalism.

Call4Bail Bail Bonds offers a 20% discount on the premium in Los Angles County to the following clients:

  • Have retained the services of a Private Counsel. (Private Counsel has to be retained before bail is posted)
  • Union Members (With Proof)
  • Active Military
  • Senior Citizens
  • Collateral (collateral must be provided when the bond is written; cash collateral of 50% and above the face amount of the bond qualifies for 8% premium rate.)

Call4Bail Bail Bonds Available 24/7

  • 24 hour bail in Los Angeles County with a licensed bail agent available and waiting for your call.
  • Easy financing available to those who qualify
  • We come to you or can meet you at the jail
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds PC 273.5. (a) PC 243 (e) (1)
  • Burglary Bail Bonds PC 211, 212.5 (a), 213(a), 214
  • Narcotics and Drub Bail Bonds HS 11350, 11351, etc.
  • Marijuana Related Bail Bonds HS 11357 (a), 11358, 11359, 11360(a)
  • Felony Bail Bonds
  • Misdemeanor Bail Bonds
  • Criminal Threats Bail Bonds
  • DUI Bail Bonds VC 23152 (a), 23152 (b)
  • Spousal Abuse Bail Bonds

Los Angeles Jail Information

Men's Central Jail (MCJ)

441 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Twin Towers Correctional Facility

450 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Bus. Phone: 213-893-5100

Bus. Phone: 213-974-4916

* Inmate Information: 213-473-6100

Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF)

11705 South Alameda Street, Lynwood, CA 90262

Bus. Phone: (323) 568-4500

* Watch Commander: (323) 568-4506

Pitchess Detention Center - East Facility

29310 The Old Road, Castaic, CA 91384-2905

For general inmate information, call: 213-473-6080 or visit the website at

For directions, phone number and court information to the Los Angeles Courts please visit:

Los Angeles County Warrants

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For Los Angeles Bail Bonds and Bail Bonds in Van Nuys, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Pomona and throughout Los Angeles County and Southern California.

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