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Buena Park Bail Bonds Booking and Release Process

The Buena Park City Jail is a “Type 1” facility. This means that the Buena Park City Jail is suitable for holding non-sentenced inmates. After the booking process arrestees may be housed in the jail until they are transferred to another holding facility, or for appearance in court for arraignment on the charges being accused of.

The booking process may take up to 3 to 6 hours to be completed. During this process a defendant undergoes a series of steps before a bail bond can be posted on his/her behalf. An investigation of facts and review of arrest circumstances are taking place while the defendant waits to speak to a local magistrate. A series of questions about personal and health problems are administered to make sure the defendant is properly taken care of. After the defendant's photograph is taken and a live scan is preformed. Keep in mind that the booking process can take longer depending on the work load the officers at the Buena Park Police Department have. Once the booking process is done and the defendant has spoken to the local magistrate will a bail amount be set. In the mean time you can call us at 714.852.2152 and we can start the bail bond process to secure a bond for your loved one and obtain his release as soon as possible.

Live Scan (Fingerprints)

The live scan process consists of having the defendants fingerprints be taken and submitted to the FBI and Department of State. The FBI runs the prints and check to see if the defendant is wanted anywhere else for unresolved cases. As for the Department of State, they just make sure the defendant is legally residing in the United States. Usually the live scan process take about 30 minutes to even 24 hours. At the Buena Park Police Department however, the Officers on duty usually get the process finished with in the hour, depending on there workload. Once the results are sent back to the Buena Park Police Department the Officers will accept the Call4Bail Bail Bond and release the defendant with in a matter of minutes. Don't waste time call us now! 714.852.2152 and done of our Buena Park Bail Bonds Agent will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have. Remember the sooner we get the bail bond process started for you, the sooner your loved one will be released!!

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